Photo Art International

A masterpiece. Comprehensive, practical, easily understood. Useful tips, inspiring images, previously well kept secrets. No darkroom worker should be without it.

Better Photography (Australia)

For those who haven’t seen it yet, take it from Better Photography that this is a must-have publication for the serious darkroom worker.

Unblinking eye

One of the best organised and most informative technical books on photography I have ever read.


...this really is the definitive guide to toning techniques.


This truly excellent book should be on the shelves of anyone claiming to be a photographer.

RPS Journal

This extraordinary book is a labour of love, and it shows. It is set to become the classic work on the subject.

Black & White Photography

The book has been specifically designed to enhance the skills of toning experts, as well as to show beginners the various options and provide them with a good start in the toning art.

Visual Art

To the best of my knowledge this is the most instructional book currently available on the subject.


Unsolicited Comments

'Fantastic book that everyone should have'

'It has to be the most comprehensive toning book ever'.

'Tim's book is the bible on toning'.

'I can honestly say that this is one of the most useful books on wet process printing that I have ever read'. (Amazon)

'Takes guts to include "The Definitive Guide" as the subtitle of a book. Question is, is it deserved? Answer a resounding YES! Am I surprised? Not when I see that the author is Tim Rudman'. (Amazon)

'Absolutely the best guide i have ever seen about archiving and toning photographs'. (Amazon)

'If you are a photographer, you need this book.'  (Amazon)

'This book is suitable for both the Novice and Advanced photographic print maker and is the only book on toning that you are likely to ever need'. (Amazon)